Volume 11 (2015)
Vol 11, Article 1 (pp 1-34)
The Complexity of Deciding Statistical Properties of Samplable Distributions
by Thomas Watson
Vol 11, Article 2 (pp 35-57)
The Complexity of Parity Graph Homomorphism: An Initial Investigation
by John Faben and Mark Jerrum
Vol 11, Article 3 (pp 59-103)
Quantum Interactive Proofs and the Complexity of Separability Testing
by Gus Gutoski, Patrick Hayden, Kevin Milner, and Mark M. Wilde
Vol 11, Article 4 (pp 105-147)
Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network
by David Kempe, Jon Kleinberg, and Éva Tardos
Vol 11, Article 5 (pp 149-182)
List-Decoding Multiplicity Codes
by Swastik Kopparty
Vol 11, Article 6 (pp 183-219)
How Hard Is It to Approximate the Jones Polynomial?
by Greg Kuperberg
Vol 11, Article 7 (pp 221-235) [APRX-RND12 Spec Issue]
The Projection Games Conjecture and the NP-Hardness of ln $n$-Approximating Set-Cover
by Dana Moshkovitz
Vol 11, Article 8 (pp 237-239) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
Special Issue: APPROX-RANDOM 2013: Guest Editors' Foreword
by Sofya Raskhodnikova and Ola Svensson
Vol 11, Article 9 (pp 241-256) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
A New Regularity Lemma and Faster Approximation Algorithms for Low Threshold Rank Graphs
by Shayan Oveis Gharan and Luca Trevisan
Vol 11, Article 10 (pp 257-283) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
On the NP-Hardness of Approximating Ordering-Constraint Satisfaction Problems
by Per Austrin, Rajsekar Manokaran, and Cenny Wenner
Vol 11, Article 11 (pp 285-298)
New Lower Bounds for the Border Rank of Matrix Multiplication
by Joseph M. Landsberg and Giorgio Ottaviani
Vol 11, Article 12 (pp 299-338) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
Absolutely Sound Testing of Lifted Codes
by Elad Haramaty, Noga Ron-Zewi, and Madhu Sudan
Vol 11, Article 13 (pp 339-355)
Computing the Partition Function for Cliques in a Graph
by Alexander Barvinok
Vol 11, Article 14 (pp 357-393)
Non-Commutative Arithmetic Circuits with Division
by Pavel Hrubeš and Avi Wigderson
Vol 11, Article 15 (pp 395-401) [NOTE]
Groups with Identical $k$-Profiles
by George Glauberman and Łukasz Grabowski
Vol 11, Article 16 (pp 403-412) [NOTE]
Quantum Algorithm for Monotonicity Testing on the Hypercube
by Aleksandrs Belovs and Eric Blais
Vol 11, Article 17 (pp 413-443) [APRX-RND13 Spec Issue]
Conditional Random Fields, Planted Constraint Satisfaction, and Entropy Concentration
by Emmanuel Abbe and Andrea Montanari
Vol 11, Article 18 (pp 445-469) [Boolean Spec Issue]
On some extensions of the FKN theorem
by Jacek Jendrej, Krzysztof Oleszkiewicz, and Jakub O. Wojtaszczyk
Vol 11, Article 19 (pp 471-489)
Adapt or Die: Polynomial Lower Bounds for Non-Adaptive Dynamic Data Structures
by Joshua Brody and Kasper Green Larsen
Vol 11, Article 20 (pp 491-603)
The Bose-Hubbard Model is QMA-complete
by Andrew M. Childs, David Gosset, and Zak Webb
List of Editors