About the Authors
Subhash Khot
Subhash Khot
Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
Subhash Khot is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at New York University, part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He completed his Ph.D. in the summer of 2003 at the Princeton CS Department under the supervision of Sanjeev Arora. He stayed in Princeton for another year as a member of the School of Mathematics at IAS. He has been an Assistant Professor at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech since the fall of 2004, currently on leave.
Ryan O'Donnell
Department of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Ryan O'Donnell received a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 1999 and a Ph.D. from the MIT Mathematics Department in 2003. His Ph.D. advisor was Madhu Sudan. Following this he was a postdoc at IAS for a year in Avi Wigderson's group, and a postdoc at Microsoft Research for two years in Jennifer Chayes's group. Since 2006 he has been an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. Ryan's research interests include Analysis of Boolean Functions, Hardness of Approximation, Learning Theory, and Probability. He enjoys his spare time.